Pros and Cons of Webcamming


  • You are not tied to time or the place and form an operating schedule. Work can be the main or to serve as additional earnings. Communication usually happens in the evening or at night that gives the chance to combine webcamming work as model with training or the main work.
  • If earlier you dreamed to try as model, however external parameters did not allow, then for a web modeling these criteria are not obligatory, to give the main thing itself as the interesting personality and the good interlocutor.
  • Work as model brings to webcam stable and high income, salary is paid in dollars.
  • One more advantage is that here preliminary experience which so often is demanded at once by employers is not required.

Big advantage in this work is knowledge of English. The most solvent clients most often are residents of the USA. There are different websites where webcam platform can work with model (I will publish the complete list in this blog soon), among them there are both Russian websites and English-speaking.

If with English at you absolutely a trouble (not really high level for successful work is actually necessary) that you need to work at the Russian-speaking websites. There are minuses – an opportunity to meet acquaintances increases, and the quantity of money considerably decreases. It is best to invest time and means for learning English at the minimum level to begin to work at once at the good website – the difference in earnings will pay back all your efforts.

There is a myth that on that side of the screen – “some perverts”, however it not so. Though they also come across quite often, but there are also quite adequate people, just lonely successful men who lack time for girls in real life, but there is a wish for communication.

And it is worth treating perverts on more simply, such situations it is possible to accept with humor, and most often just such people become the most favorable clients.


  • In traditional society this type of earnings still is considered something unacceptable. As on me, it is double standards: men visit such sites, thereby creating demand, and to girls to work it seems as not decently there.
  • You can face inadequate clients; however, you are not obliged to communicate with them. It is easy to block them, and will focus on communication only with people interesting to you.
  • It in some sense business, and at the first stage will be complex for many. But excellent earnings in dollars motivate enough.

You will need most to think up to yourself an image, to create the beautiful atmosphere of the house, to look good, think over the schedule and a manner of communication with clients, subjects and borders legal, all this very interesting tasks, and we will consider many of them in this blog.

Be ready that communication can sometimes be unusual for you. For example, couple which wanted a variety in the relationship or the company which celebrates a bachelor party and so forth can appear clients.