How to become a supermodel, where to start?

Want to become model? – we will tell; what first steps should be taken to the girl with what to begin to become a successful model.

model-nocolorEvery second girl dreams or ever dreamed to become model. And dreams after all come true, did not know? We will try to help you and we will tell that it is necessary to make, what steps to take to become model.

So, you dream to become model. Not that model which on days off shows clothes in recreation center or costs at cars in car showrooms, and that, whose person knows all countries or even the whole world. How to receive that “happy ticket” for the best podiums of Paris and New York? We look that it is necessary to do…

First step – put a lot of effort

How you think why from thousands of girls, in the parameters quite suitable to become models, on podiums and pages of glossy magazines units get? Where are the others? And they … do not consult. Because only at first sight model business seems business easy, cheerful and attracting? Actually it is titanic work, with the huge competition where the strongest survive. First of all, it is worth understanding that work of model – first of all business, that is earning money. It is necessary to participate in a numerous casting (which there can be about 10 in day, all in the different ends of the city unfamiliar to you), to rise in the 5th mornings and to go to bed at o’clock in the morning, on a starvation to work at a set and to be far from relatives. Every mode whenever it would be a camgirl or regular fashion girl, they all start by not earning a lot of money. The well-known supermodel remembers in interview that in a beginning of the career she had to live in one room with several girls, to eat water and bread and to run on a casting where she was listened politely, watched a portfolio and … showed the door on the street, promising to call back. Her many girlfriends of it did not maintain and left home. Whether you are ready to pass through thorns to achieve the objectives, to become known model? If yes, we go further.

Second step – Your looks

How it is necessary to look to become model? Here it is not much requirements, but all of them very strict. Everything who does not correspond to them, the way to models is ordered. The most important – growth. Girls are necessary high, not less than 171 cm, and for haute couture – not less than 175 cm. You should not assume that in model business of the good person has to be much. On the contrary, the grasp of hips should not exceed 90 cm, the waist – is no more than 63 cm. The grasp of a breast is not so important, the main thing that it did not look “heavy”. It is better to be knocked on a modeling at early age – of 14 years, so most of all chances to make successful career. However, restrictions on age are not present, especially, now – Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer’s recent triumphal return to that confirmation. On a body there should not be scars, piercing and tattoos at all. It is desirable to grow hair long, it is very much welcomed. The hair color has to be natural, they have to be healthy and well-groomed. The same can be told and about nails and heels. The person has to be beautiful and bright.

Third step – Learn, learn and learn

Appearance to become model, is important, but it is a half of business. It how to be told, God gave. It is necessary to have a certain character further. The model has to possess such qualities, as: skill to communicate, commitment, diligence, modesty (moderately), charisma and ability to present itself. It is very important to know English! How at you with language? Many girls, seeking to become model, pay to moral, psychological and educational preparation an attention minimum, thinking that the beauty will solve everything. It is a huge mistake because to teach you to language, to ability nobody so it is better “to pave the way” in advance will move, communicate with fashion designers.

Fourth step – Photography

What, still want to become model? Seriously want, not as in the fairy tale, on pike command? Then we start creative part. It will be your first portfolio. It is necessary to make couple of good pictures in which you it will be visible that is called with all of the parties, multilaterally. Pictures share on 2 categories: snap and directly photos. Snap is your “technical” material. On these photos you have to be such what is in usual life. It is a set from 6 photos: 3 to the utmost (in front, profile, behind), 3 portraits (same). It is also possible to play with emotions – to show a smile, rage, etc. On these photos there should not be a retouch, a make-up and jewelry. They become in a bathing suit (that it was visible a figure) and black shoes on heels. At day lighting they can be made in house conditions on any digital camera – it is for this purpose necessary people who will photograph (not necessarily the photographer) and a monophonic background (it is possible to hang up a sheet).

Other photos for the girl who wants to become model, have to be beautiful, ideological, interesting. Show yourself, the strengths, dissimilarity on others. Here the imagination can clear up! The good photographer who works for a payment or on the terms of TFP is for this purpose already necessary. TFP – the joint project of model and the photographer where both work for free, but settle terms of use of pictures, to find such it is possible on the Internet and popular social networks.

Important point – erotic shootings. Photographers often say that thus you will be able to show better the body, a figure and other. And then it uses these photos at own discretion, it is necessary for you? Council – any sensuality and an exposed flesh, differently your career in the beginning of a way will appear under the most serious threat.