Look like a supermodel! See what’s necessary

Their images are sorted on details as models of brand new cell phones. But this time not severe critics, but the simple audience – little girls from the neighboring yard who want to look also stunningly. “How to become me similar to Adriana Lima?” – one asks. Whether “I can look how the supermodel?” – another questions. Someone hangs up a photo of an idol on the refrigerator, someone – on a mirror in a bathroom. The question remains invariable: what is model look and how to get it?


“When I only began in 15 years, advised me to lose weight, to gain weight”, – says Coco Rocha. Having lost weight from 53 kg to 48, the Canadian beauty faced again need to grow thin to the zero size. “Then anorexic look was fashionable, and I really began to panic”, – she admits. Coco went on the most strict diet, but soon understood that she ruins herself. Now she weighs 56 kg, carries the 4th clothing size and openly opposes the zero size and anorexia. The tendency of “joie de vivre” is supported by “angels” of Victoria’s Secret who the bodies suntanned, full of life give hundred points to thin podiumn models forward. “There is nothing better, than to feel superthin”, – Keith Moss contradicts them. However times when the secret of symmetry of model opened after a heroin path, passed long ago. Now in fashion health and once again health. “Beauty and health for me synonyms. If I am not healthy, I cannot be beautiful”, – Sasha Pivovarova says.

– healthy food (it is more than fruit, vegetables);
– correctly picked up diet (For example, Coco Rocha adheres to a diet on a blood type and finds it very effective. The majority of models – vegetarians);
– a set of exercises (Ania Rubik practices yoga: “I practice yoga 3 years. My work means continuous flights, sitting on planes and walking high-heeled. The yoga helps me to remove stress and to concentrate”. A symmetry secret Gisele Bundchen and Sasha Pivovarova – kung fu workouts. Favorite sport practically told by all models – riding the bicycle).


  1. After numerous fashion weeks in cases of models settle design dresses and other fashionable outfits to which even to the most advanced fashion-fans, as to the moon. However to look as model, at all it is optional to buy up design collections. Things haute couture safely mix models with a massmarket and even clothes of own production.
  2. Tight trousers, leggings, leather jackets, undershirts, jack boots – here that prefer models. Simplicity and convenience – here that is recommended to models of the guru of fashion. “Be simpler. Jeans, a cool t-shirt, one-two accessories will disclose your identity and will emphasize a figure. The model has to put on so that to be in a trend and to be ready to a casting at the same time”, – the executive director of the Models International agency Catherine Fellows says.
  3. To see the model dressed in something shouting “Look at me!”, outside a podium it is almost impossible. Got used to general attention, in everyday life of model put on so that to be oneself.
  4. Models perfectly know the body therefore they with ease emphasize the advantages. For example, model Doutzen Kroes likes to show graceful hands, putting on open dresses of a bustier.
  5. High heels. “Models have to carry high heels – the more the better. And at the same time to look elegantly and easy”, – the executive director of Models International Catherine Felous considers. In intervals between displays of model prefer to carry flats and sneakers.

Key factor for model is the feeling of own style. “Lack of own style negatively affects career of model”, – the booker of the Storm agency of Sar Dukas considers. Kate Moss who once opened to the world, she knows what she speaks about. “At the same time I do not mean that models have to is universal to put on haute couture, for example, to carry things from Balenciaga, I speak about simple street clothes style”. The model has to emphasize with clothes the forms, but not hide them. “A short cardigan with the tight fitting dress or a short skirt with leggings – here ideal combinations for a casting”, – Sara says.


We are assured that models do not use a make-up in everyday life. “We are such what are”, – Claudia Schiffer and Cindi Crawford say, having acted without make-up for Harper’s Bazaar. “On it there is no cosmetics at all”, – as having agreed, journalists in an interview with Natalya Vodianova like to repeat. In it there is an element of truth. Work of model means cosmetics ton, daily hours-long work with stylists and makeup artists. All this cannot but tire and cannot hold from temptation to appear on this or that action “нюд”. It concerns to Darya Verbovi, Frey Bech to Eriksen, Anna Seleznyova, Natasha Pauly. “But it does not concern to me! – the Canadian model of Coco Rocha speaks. – I cannot leave the house without make-up. I am obsessed with cosmetics”. “Smoky eyes” and pale lips are its favorite make-up which, according to Coco, makes it similar to one of infernal heroines of the well-known series True Blood. Same make-up, only adjusted for bright lips the makeup artist of Rimmel made for Coco at her royal wedding.

Anyway, typical make-up models is a natural born beauty.

Here what is advised the beginning fashion-guru’s models:

  • Avoid a large amount of cosmetics on a face (“the dense make-up” suggests agents and a casting directors an idea that you hide some shortcomings).
  • Try to look as it is possible more naturally. Natural make-up will give you a fresh look.
  • A concealer for masking of traces of fatigue (the absolute favorite of models – Touche Eclat from Yves Saint Laurent), the foundation coinciding with tone of skin, ink, a lip gloss – a gentleman’s set of any model which will be suitable for any casting.


“For model good skin is a key to success”, – the model agent of Chic Model Management Ursula Hufnagl says. The young shining skin is that clients want to see and the audience dreams to repeat. But hours-long flights, a chronic sleep debt and change of a make-up on 10 times are in the course of the day capable to turn even ideal skin into a subject of close attention.

  1. Moistening – the majority of models will leave the house without make-up rather, than will forget to moisten the skin. “I always have to have near at hand a barrel with mineral water because usual water can be insufficiently pure for the person”, – Izabeli Fontana says the Victoria’s Secret model. During long flights Gemma Ward is saved by spray from Jurlique: “I adore production of this brand, it very delicate and has a pleasant smell”.
  2. Clarification – “I do not go to bed until I completely clean a face from cosmetics”, – Cindi Crawford and Alessandra Ambrosio say. Clarification two once a day (in the morning and in the evening) is included into the obligatory program of each model irrespective of age. Laetitia Casta removes a make-up children’s lotion for bathing which she buys in a usual drugstore. Models Gemma Ward and El McPherson use the clearing means from Dr. Hauschka and Bioderma Crealine H2O Solution, Sasha Pivovarova – Micelle Solution from Bioderma: “Many models use it”, – she says.
  3. Peeling – experts advise models to use a srub 1-3 times a week.
  4. Vitamins – “My mother always said that I have to take a pill with the Omega-3. They contain nonsaturated fatty acids which are simply necessary for ideal skin. Also I accept calcium and magnesium that my skin looked healthier”, – Caroline Murphy says.
    The vitamin and mineral Berokka complex helps models to Gemma Ward and Karen Elson to cope with hours-long loading on a casting and to feel in shape.
    The portion of vitamins is accepted by the best model of decade Vogue Magdaléna Frakoviak: “I accept too vitamins because I am sure: when you care for yourself from within, it positively affects a condition of skin”.
  5. Water – model, “angel” of Victoria’s Secret and just English aristocrat Rosi Huntington-Uaytli drinks Fiji water. “All are surprised when they hear this council, but it really works. Water is a drug of God”, – in the habitual provocative manner Rosi declares.
  6. Sun-protection creams – the most real cult for models: “I use cream with SPF 30, protection of skin always meant to me much, I am engaged in it since the childhood”, – the Australian model Gemma Ward admits.
  7. Masks – “When I am tired, I have dark circles under eyes. Masks from Shu Uemura help to get rid of them in 3 minutes to me. They really magic”, – Sasha Pivovarova says.


Change of a hairstyle (as in a case with Linda Evangelista) or change of color (as in a case from Koko Roche) are capable to turn career of model in the most unpredictable way. However these experiments do not take place completely.

  1. Conditioner. “All these sprays, varnishes for hair dressing during fashion weeks dry up hair. Therefore I use the conditioner, for example, of Kerastase Voile Nuit”, – Izabeli Fontana says. Jessica Stem prefers conditioners from Rene Furterer, Karlie Kloss – from Nexxus.
  2. Shampoo – to invest only in expensive saloon shampoos and conditioners Miranda Kerr advises Victoria’s Secret angel models. The Russian model of Evgeny Volodin adds gloss to hair by means of Phytacitrus Vital Radiance Shampoo shampoo from Phytologie.

“To refresh hair after unlucky day, I use shampoo and the conditioner from Aveda”, – says Hang Cukupov.

The recipe of brilliant hair from Sasha Pivovarova: “I like to rub oil jojoba in hair and head skin, I leave for 2 hours, then I wash away Rice and Wheat Volumizing Shampoo shampoo from Kiehl’s. Sometimes I use oil of a jasmine after which my hair get incredibly pleasant smell!”

The owner of “the most desired hair” according to Elle, Gisele Bundchen shares a secret: “I rub serum for hair (Serum Silicone) in hair and I use means of Kerastase – it keeps my hair healthy”.

Epilog: The myth that models – the most ideal creations on the earth, it is discredited by models long ago: “In the mornings even I do not look as Cindi Crawford”, – Cindi Crawford says. “To recover, I sometimes need a cigarette and liters of coffee”, – Lara Stone admits.

Key factor in an image of model is self-confidence. Remember that all celebrities, and models including, are unique in itself and are proud of that who is they is.