Hottest bikini models of the world

In anticipation of a summer season before brands and fashionable editions traditionally there is a difficult task – the choice of models for beach photo sessions. At all times for this role only unsurpassed beauties and the best representatives of a genre whose proportions ideally conformed to urgent standards of beauty were selected. By the beginning of a beach season we present to attention to our top bikini models. We wish one day these models will offer live webcam chat so fans can speak to them and see them live and not only photos.

Stephanie Seymour


Stephanie Seymour was considered as one of the most sexual supermodels in the 90th – in a genre of beach shooting very few people could be compared to it. The hot brown-haired woman and the owner of a smart body demented men of all age and the social statuses. Even today, later 20 years and four children, Seymour haunts paparazzi who hunt for her beach photos worldwide.

Christie Brinkley


The woman without age Christie Brinkley – the most improbable beauty in the world: the top model is 61 years old, but unless someone will believe in it? The supermodel always had the tremendous form, not for nothing its pictures in bikini in the 80th decorated covers of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue record number of times – more any other model did not receive such honor.

Cindy Crawford


During a gold era of supermodels Cindy Crawford was one of the most brilliant beauties whose sexual charisma was considered as unsurpassed. As regards incomparable Cindy’s bikini shootings could compete unless Stephanie Seymour, but with such not a sin and to compete. The sensual brunette with an athletic constitution, Crawford became a standard of beauty of the time: millions of women dreamed of such body. Subsequently the top model wrote down the author’s program of trainings for achievement of an ideal form making huge success worldwide.

Irina Shayk


Rise of model career of the Russian beauty Irina Shayk began with bikini shooting for Sports Illustrated, since then the sexual top model will be engaged in eager rivalry by all brands of bathing suits. Appetizing forms, pretty lips, cat’s green eyes – emergence in a shot of the bright brown-haired woman are always an event. Very few people from contemporaries are also able to pose in bathing suits as Irina Shayk.

Candice Swanepoel


For a magnificent body of main “angel” of the Victoria’s Secret brand of Candice Swanepoel nicknamed the girl of a dream. The blue-eyed blonde was recognized as the sexiest and desired woman from recent more than once. It, to the owner of a body without defects, trust all flagman shootings of a brand. Cannot have eyes glued on “hot” photos of Candice neither man, nor woman.

Gisele Bundchen


Gisele Bundchen never fitted into canons of model beauty, but managed to create new. The appearance of the Brazilian with bronze tan which is organically combining both feminity, and sexual charisma, and bohemian chic looked so effectively that defined new laws of appeal. Millions of admirers do not cease to admire ideal proportions and a sports constitution Giselle, even after the birth of two children.

Isabeli Fontana

To the burning beauty Isabeli Fontana often happens to participate in beach shootings: in bikini the hot Brazilian looks especially sexually, not for nothing the supermodel once consisted in the ranks of of Victoria’s Secret Angels. The top model is called a sex symbol not only in the homeland, but also worldwide, and photographers idolize her for unrestrained exotic beauty and ability to vanguard transformations.