5 most common mistakes new camgirls make

New girls in web modelling area makes 5 major mistakes so we would like to overview them here, if you are planning to become a model, please read.

  1. At first can often write you in a chat rough the message of “sexual” and erotic character. If it is not pleasant to you — simply do not pay attention. And if the user “goes too far” — just ban him!
  2. Users sometimes ask you to get naked in a free chat. Like, it is pleasant for them, but the bad thing is that they will pass with you and will not go into paid and private chats. Don’t fall on these tricks.
  3. Very seldom, but happens also such: users write so: “Oh, and I know you!”, “They from my city”, etc. Why it becomes? There is a lot of reasons: sometimes girls trust and start crying — it is pleasant to the user. The model is nervous — it is pleasant to the user. Perhaps the reason in a low self-assessment of such “visitors”, perhaps in private life they always had problems — they in such a way recoup. How to behave in such situation? Very simply — do not pay attention. It is not recommended to ban — after all thus you show attention to the user and it can be re-registered on the site for some seconds and to continue “to terrorize”. Zero attention — the visitor will lurk for a little and will leave in a few minutes. The problem is solved!
  4. Give nobody and do not tell the present personal data! Also can suggest to transfer your communication to Skype or on other services — and it is not safe at all. Not seldom there are cases when girls agree. Knowing a real name and the city of model it will be simple to find its questionnaire in social networks! And users are more often, having received wished in Skype, simply do not pay models of anything. Remember! If the person has money — he will fill up the account on the site and if is not present — will look for as to receive everything free! Work only at the site and everything will be good.
  5. Remember! You can always block your webcam stream for any city and/or country! In that case no one from this or that settlement will not be able to get to you on the questionnaire!

These mistakes are often, but the main one which is made even before you go online to perform is that girls expect it to be easy and that every guy she meets online will pay a fee to see her naked. This is such a wrong way to look at things because always remember that there is thousands of girls like who are are online and doing the same job so you should always be yourself and of course be original to get guys spend some cash to watch your live show.