How to look good in front of camera – Free tips

Not all well turn out in pictures though in life are very beautiful. This advice will help you to become camera friendly.

Do not stand at attention

You should not pose as on the passport. Turn a little, incline the head or turn away and look at the camera through a shoulder.


It is very important to learn to look on a photo naturally. The affected smile and tension will not make you more attractive.

Put hands on a waist or is slightly lower

It will visually save you from undesirable sides and will make more harmonious. Almost all stars, posing on a red carpet, use this reception.

Lower a chin and slightly incline the head forward

It will be made by the person more harmonious. And surely smile.

As it is correct to pose for a photo – a question which interests all girls. Presently, when at everyone in a pocket the camera and the Internet, can photograph you at any time, and in five minutes these photos – in social nets! There is a wish to look on a photo beautifully, to hide shortcomings and to pay all attention to advantages! We will share with you ten secrets and tricks which use models and movie stars. You can use them too correctly to pose for a photoshoot or just to receive good photos from parties and office parties.

Incline the head!

If your person is turned directly on the camera, the photo on the passport will turn out! That the person looked living, turn the head half-turned and slightly incline down. Or on the contrary, slightly raise a chin and direct a look a little higher than the level of eyes.

Use tongue!

That on a photo there was no second chin, strongly press a tongue tip to roots of upper teeth. Sounds a little silly, but believe, it works!

Smile naturally!

natural smile

The smile from an ear to an ear looks silly, absolutely without smile – the person looks gloomy. A natural small smile, it is possible without disconnecting lips – here that is necessary. Be trained in front of the mirror!

Formulation of the question matters!

Straighten shoulders, straighten a back. The round-shouldered back on a photo looks even worse, than in life! When a back a straight line and a press it is tightened – you instantly look more harmonious and younger! The direct back should be trained in front of the mirror too.

Keep a gleam!

Between your elbow and your waist, the gleam has to be visible, otherwise the waist on a photo can disappear. Bend a hand in an elbow and carelessly you brush on a hip. Classical pose of models and movie stars, and not for nothing!

Under 45 degrees!

Favorite trick of photoshoots on Red Carpets. When you pose for a photo – become to the camera half-turned, under 45 degrees. Lean on that leg which behind, and a leg ahead weaken. So, hips seem already, and you – are more slender.

Cross legs!

Other way to look more harmonious on a photo – to cross legs. Pay attention to a photo of fashionable bloggers, they often pose with the crossed legs, and is not casual! So, legs seem longer, and all figure – is thinner.

And sitting – too!

If you are removed when you sit, throw a leg on a leg or accurately cross anklebones, having taken away legs slightly sideways, but not disconnecting knees! Do not bend forward, but also be not filled up on a chair back. You hold a back directly.

Watch proportions!

On a photo the fact that it was closest to the camera most of all seems. If your head is the closest to the camera – you will be on a photo a tadpole with short legs. If is the closest to the leg camera – they will seem infinitely long.

If the photographer is higher than your growth, ask it to sit down. Otherwise the camera will distort proportions and will visually truncate to your legs.

Just relax, you are being filmed!

Whatever ideal was your pose if you are strained – the photo looks artificially. Relax and behave naturally!

Correctly to pose for a photo, stop to pose! Be yourself, be free – it is the best way to look good on a photo.