Queen of retro french erotica – Catherine Deneuve

The distinguished Frenchwoman created a furor of the beauty and ability to be innocently naked on the screen. Even slightly bare shoulder threw millions of men into ecstasies.

No, she did not act completely naked, comparing to current Hollywood actresses, but Catharine was able to create an image of the gentle beauty with an easy shadow of a sensuality. And Hollywood Deneuve was never favored, having played during her career only in one American movie.

Catherine Deneuve

Catherine was born in big family: besides her parents raised three more daughters. Among all sisters Catherine was the most timid and modest. She as though lived in own world, imagined and represented herself the princess from the fairy tale, adored forest walks alone and a unification with the nature. Mother of future star Renee Simonot also did not expect that the closed girl will become the most famous actress not only in France, but also around the world. The highest expectations were given by the sister Catherine Francoise Dorleac who from 15 years age began to appear in movies. Catherine rejoiced to progress of the sister, but did not even think of shooting. On it, the father who assured the beloved daughter that with such beauty and a charm she surely has to rush into a film world, this idea drew her. Actually, Catherine did that.

Between sisters, by the way, there was no competition. In spite of the fact that they were the complete antitheses, they were on friendly terms and loved each other. In 1967 when both girls already became stars, there was a terrible tragedy. Francoise hurried in the airport, on the road brought its car, the girl did not manage to drive and crashed into a column. Francoise died on the spot. She was only 25 years old. After the death of elder sister Catherine long time could not pull out, for several months having refused all shooting and having rejected all offers from directors. Now Deneuve admits that after Francoise’s death it had no more girlfriends because the sister was the closest.

Catherine Deneuve topless

By the way, despite beauty and love of millions of admirers, Catherine never considered herself really beautiful:

“I do not consider myself very beautiful woman. I consider myself the woman who looks good. And not always. I was never a dangerous woman. I am not a self-satisfied blonde who can take away at you the husband”.

Being 76 years, the French film star looks also charming and even wrinkles gave her a certain charm. And understanding Catherine ‘s age it’s so hot.

“Be not afraid to mature – at each age there is the charm. The left years are an experience, wisdom, a quiet and sober view on all events in life. I will never leave one of the wrinkles: too expensive I got them! I am not afraid of an old age. Youth is bad the fact that you only also think, not to grow old kind of”.

And all cosmetic executions in the form of pricks of beauty and plasticity she denies, preferring to grow old beautifully and naturally:

    “What allows me to keep the great shape? Water. Dream. And love”.